juices and berries: Shea Moisture African Black Soap

summer is here and skin is in! so, here i am to tell you all about a product that i LOVE: Shea Moisture’s african black soap.

now, there’s nothing new under the sun and the same goes for african black soap. it has been made and used in Africa for centuries.

i was recently going through a dry spell with my skin and was not happy. so, in desperation, i went to my local Target and picked up a bottle and fell in love. *heart eye emoji* immediately, my skin was soft, glowy, and moisturised. i’m a black soap believer! so, pick up a bottle and enjoy your beautiful summer skin. #BlackSoapIsMyNewBae

how it’s traditionally made: first, plantain skins and various other plant materials are burned. those ashes are then, mixed with water and natural oils i.e. coconut, shea, palm, and kernel. lastly, it is stirred and left to cure for two weeks.

benefits/claims: african black soap is said to soften skin & help with problem skin. and, because of the vitamin e & a, it helps to heal and strengthen.

how i use it: in the shower, i soak my scrub gloves in water. then, i apply a generous amount of product to my gloves and scrub my body from shoulders to toes. next, i rinse off, finishing showering, and then, pat dry. lastly, i slather my skin in moisturizing cream: my product of choice is Cetaphil’s moisturizing cream. the end.

price: $9.99



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