the details: head game proper

here, in the states, we have been plunged into the meteorological phenomenon that is the “polar vortex,” which in layman’s terms means, it’s cold as *expletive* outside. but, god forbid that fashion suffers because of this unfortunate event. so, here i am to show you a few options when it comes to head gear. i mean, why not see this as an opportunity to maximize the drama of a fab coat, right? Product details below the image.


starting from L-R

1st Row: Toms Unisex Washed Camo Five Panel Hat, $32,; Patagonia Black Beanie,; Miss Selfridge Burgundy Felt Fedora Hat, $44,

2nd Row: ASOS Knitted Turban Hat, $18,; Saint Laurent Rabbit Felt Fedora, $910,; The Hundreds Cloak Five Panel Cap, $16,

3rd Row: Forever 21 Street Chic Five Panel Cap, $8.80,; Gigi Burress Asymmetrical Fedora, $420,; Unisex Stretch Cable Knit Beanie, $15,

*yells* polar vortex didn’t land on us, we landed on the polar vortex. (as i type this from sunny California)

all images courtesy:, polyvore,


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