style notes: Beyonce . . . KING BEY

it’s 2014 . . . and, in the words of IGers everywhere: “new year, new me!” LOL not really.

ok, all jokes aside . . . let’s get into it. we are here to discuss, the one and only KING BEY, QUEEN B, BEYSUS . . . Beyonce. (i capitalized her name. so, you know i mean business.)

so, while i was busy procrastinating during finals week, Bey (we’re close like that) decides to unexpectedly drop a new album with 17 videos and single-handedly broke the internets. and, not only did she drop a GREAT album, she gave us life with the videos. looks on top of looks. #flawless

this project really cemented Beyonce’s position as a style icon. i cannot imagine the work and creativity that it took to not only create all of the outfits but all of the accompanying makeup looks and video concepts. she really outdid herself and for that, my little style heart is grateful. but, without further ado . . . below is a smattering of images that i vision-boarded of the looks i loved. so, peep them below and bask in wave of Beyonce’s greatness. surfboard.

1. Yonce: supermodels, furs, fishnet, sexy red bondage inspired swimwear . . . yaaassssss to all of it.


2. No Angel: coke white fur, layered gold necklaces, the magenta lip.


3. Pretty Hurts: bejeweled bunny ears, off the shoulder white dress, pageant realness. ms. 3rd ward.


4. Haunted: this video’s sexy menswear style, the perfect smokey eye, the accessories . . . be still, my heart. she killed this look!


5. Mine: minimalism at its finest. less is more.


6. Jealous: modern, fresh . . . and that burgundy trench?! perfect.


7. Blow: bubble pop, neon explosion. just fun.


8. Flawless: i call this look: pretty grunge.


9. Partition: SEX.


10. Drunk In Love: oh, you know, just chillin’ with bae in this sheer dress and all these chunky bracelets. nothing major.


11. Superpower: the dramatic cat eye and x-men inspired. i’m sold.


12. Blue: stripped down beauty and vibrant colors.


And, if you’re looking to find the exact designers behind Beyonce’s looks, check out Fashion Bomb Daily’s IG page ( @fashionbombdaily) where the lovely Claire Summers has posted the details behind some of the looks.

All images courtesy of Google Images.


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