bejeweled: hair jewelry


sooo . . . it’s been awhile. my apologies. but, i’m back. *throws confetti*

now, lets get to it . . . hair jewelry! as seen on rodarte models a few seasons back and the beautiful, jessica biel this spring, the look adds a bit of instant glamour to not only to your hair but your overall look. we’ve also seen a more d.i.y. friendly version on khloe kardashian-odom. so, if you don’t have the bucks to shell out on a custom rodarte piece or an extra Tiffany’s brooch laying around, go visit your local craft store and unleash your inner Martha Stewart. make it work, tim gunn voice.

below, khloe’s dope hair stylist, jen atkin gives us tips on how to re-create a version of this hairstyle/trend. thank me later.


we already love jewelry, so, why not add some to our hair?

all images courtesy of Instagram and google images.


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