met gala 2013: punk

so, here we are, days after the met gala and i am a little disappointed. i was initially excited to see what the fashion darlings had up their sleeves for the punk: chaos to couture theme but alas . . . most of them let me down. *cries thug tears* i mean, some adhered to theme and still managed to be punk but most, disregarded the theme in totality. what a joy kill. anywho, let’s get into it . . . the winners, the wildcards, the honorable mentions, and the WTF’s.

punk personified:

(l to r: cara delevingne, nicole richie, and christina ricci)

wild cards:

( l to r: maggie q and anne hathaway)

honorable mention:

( l to r: jamie king, madonna, and miley cyrus)

( l to r: jennifer lopez, chanel iman, and gwen stefani)

i’m underwhelmed:

( l to r: kim kardashian and king bey)


me too, Gracie . . . me too.


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