knuck if you buck! not really.

anyways, new day . . . new post. today, its the cool chick’s funky accessory . . . mid finger rings. these pretty little pieces have been seen on your favorite celebs like rihanna and ciara and any serious trendsetter. i personally love the playfulness that these rings add to one’s overall jewelry and it lends to those who love a bit of layering and stacking when it comes to jewelry. the rings come in whimsical styles and styles that are a bit more minimalist. so, fun for everybody. with so many retailers selling these, it won’t be hard to find the one for you. below are some of the retailers i found, so check ’em out.

recycled coin middle finger ring: http://shopplanetblue.com/coin-beaded-mid-knuckle-ring-47776?clickid=0004d1ca19f55fe40a426e663b00027d

thin upper knuckle ring: https://saboskirt.com/product_info.php?products_id=740

tiny cross ring: http://www.anarchystreet.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=ring&product_id=340

and, if they don’t peak your fancy, make one of your own . . . these rings are VERY d.i.y. friendly! check out the tutorial below.

All Images courtesy of Google Images


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