the details: socks

Socks. A post about . . . socks?!

Un-apologetically, yes!

If love is in the details, the same can be said of  individual style. It’s always the little things that set your outfit apart from the crowd and the addition of a unique pattern and color, the same can be said of socks. With fall upon us and winter quickly approaching, these cozy accessories can be a fun and functional part of your wardrobe. Oh, another plus is that these can be unisex choices.

you’re welcome.

shopping info . . .

Item: Plantlife (exclusive)
Brand:  HUF
Color: Soda Orange, Green, Blue
Price: $12.00

Item: Shark Socks
Brand: K. Bell
Color: Slate Blue
Price: $8.00

Item: The Heathered Socks
Brand: KR3W
Color: Charcoal
Price: $10.00

Item: Tribal
Brand:  Richer Poorer
Color: Red
Price: $20.00
Item: Camo Rock Logo Socks
Brand: Diamond Supply Co.
Color: Duck Camo
Price:  $32.00



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