trend spotlight: Kenzo sweatshirts

so, i’ve been seeing these sweatshirts everywhere . . . Tumblr, Instagram, fellow style blogs . . . everywhere! and, I actually like it. as a downtime tomboy, i can definitely embrace it wholeheartedly. this brand is currently owned by the fashion conglomerate, LVMH (a.k.a. owner of most of the brands we dream of wearing) but was started by Japanese designer, Kenzo Takada. known for great use of bold and explosive color, the same can be said of these great sweatshirts. the beauty of these sweatshirts is that they have the versatility to be fancy, lowkey, high, and or mixed with low all depending on your personal style aesthetic. honestly, the brand itself, namely its logo pieces, have really been making an appearance on many a fashionista. the overall brand is a great example in how to successfully use color in your wardrobe. so, take a look through some of the past runway shows for inspiration. have fun with color and always remember . . . dress to kill.


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